WORK. Documents of Contemporary Art

Anthology about work's relationships with art.

Included an interview of Friedrik Sigler to Adrian Melis, 2017

Copublished by Whitechapel Gallery and The MIT Press

238 pages


ISBN: 978-0-85488-255-7 (Whitechapel Gallery) ISBN: 978-0-262-53433-8 (The MIT Press)

CUBA TALKS. Interview with 28 contemporary artists by Jerome Sans and Laura Salas Redondo

Edited ad pubished by Rizzoli

Spanish - English

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Travail - Labour

Catalogue - Magazine of contemporary art.

In search of unproductive time

Edition: Autum - Fall 2018

136 pages

Distributed at bookstores and newsstands across Canada, The U.S.A., Europe, and Asia.


Art for employment. 

Catalogue of the exhibition Interims

at La Panacée #1

Ville de Montpelier

Silviana Editoriale S.p.A

91 pages

Forms of Distancing: Representative Politics and the Politics of Representation

Adrian Melis: Línea de Producción por Excedente (2014) and Ovation (2014)


Edited by Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Luigi Fassi and Steirischer Herbst

Published per Mousse, Mousse Publishing

121 pages


ISBN: 9788867491032

ATOPOLIS, Catalogue of the exhibition Atopolis at Manège de Sury, organised and supported by the WIELS contemporary art centre, Mons, Belgium, 2015. 

Published in 2016 by WIELS

256 pages

French - English


Collectionner Partage

ArCEN, Art Collection European Network

Musée sainte-croix-politiers

Silviana Editoriale S.p.A

191 pages

Fuera de revoluciones

Dos décadas de arte en Cuba


por Marilyn Machado

Spanish - English

Editorial Almenara

Leiden, The Netherlands

Avaritia Omnium Malorum Radix*

12a Biennal Martínez Guerricabeitia - Universitat València

Centre Cultural La Nau, Sala Acadèmia


206 pages


ISBN: 978-84-370-9300-0

Adrian Melis. From Havana to Kunsthalle

Art Nexus No 85 Volume 11, 2012

text by curator Direlia Lazo



Adrian Melis, The Value of absence

Exhibitions catalogue: The value of absence. Kunstahlle Basel, Basel

From March the 24th to May the 26th, 2013

Adrian Melis. The Value of Absence.

Catalogue with works by Adrian Melis until 2013


126 pages

Spanish - English

Adrian Melis- Dreams Production Plan by state-run companies in Cuba, 2010-2015

Catalogue 2nd Prize ArtNou 2013 ArtBarcelona (Contemporary Art Galleries Association).


With the collaboration of Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and production from ADN Galería

164 pages


FRESTAS. Trienal de artes (2016)

Catalogue of Triennal of Arts Frestas that took place in São Paulo (2014-2015)


Edited ad pubished by SESC

327 pages

Portuguese - English

ISBN: 978-85-7995-194-7