Dream Production Plan for State run companies in Cuba, 2011-2014

wooden boxes, written paper, photographs 20 x 25cm

In Dream Production Plan for State run companies in Cuba, Melis focuses on workplaces that are most susceptible to a lack of productivity. The employees receive a notebook and are instructed to  record their dreams after they have fallen asleep on the job. In the absence of work, in a state of inactivity dreams are produced at the service of another employer, the artist. After the dream is recorded it is placed in a wooden box resembling a cigar box and is exported from Cuba. This factory of dreams has produced 650 dreams thus far. The dreams are arranged and stacked along long shelving units presented in the art world as a merchandise. Instead of confirming the idea that the Socialist system is inefficient the artist set out to prove that a socialist system can become efficient, but only within the framework of an art practice. 

1/2- Installation view, solo show The Value of Absence, Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland

3- Image of a Cuban worker (part of the documentation of the work)